The lost treasure

Technology has developed exponentially in the recent times. One of the greatest advantages of this development is the advancement in the field of communication. While human kind benefitted massively from this, it must be admitted that technology has lured some special things from us too.

The instruments like alarm clock, calculator, camera, Radio, calendar and many more have lost their space to a single device named ‘smartphone’.  Not just this, several other things have lost their relevance in this digitalised world. One of the things that I miss very badly is the ‘greeting card ‘. Greeting cards were rampant till early 2000’s and exchanging it during special occasions is a part of the culture infact. As a kid,  I received several greeting cards from my relatives. Before occasions like diwali, new year and Birthday, greeting cards along with some gifts were delivered to my home by post . I would wait eagerly for its arrival before several days itself. I still vividly remember the euphoria when postman delivers it. It would be electrifying to open it and read the hand written wishes from my dear ones. The wishes conveyed through a sentence, phrase or poem was surreal and ecstatic. 

However, it’s unfortunate that greeting card has become a thing of the past now. It’s not that they aren’t available for sale in the market. But people these days rarely take their time and efforts to send their wishes through it. With the world available at the finger tip, the messages are easily conveyed  in fraction of second. If you are a special person, then some special status would be put in the social media. However, the wishes conveyed like this lacks a personal touch and bonding. I still treasure a birthday card with the blessings and wishes from my aunt. Whenever I see it, a wave of nostalgia would hit me. Hardly such things could be experienced these days in the online messages which will get eroded in the course of time. The higher the leap mankind makes, the greater the valuable things left behind too.

A Tribute to Thanjavur

Though my unconditional love and inclination for books have turned me to blogging, I want to begin with a topic very close to my heart.

Far away from home, away from my loved ones, life is moving differently. The hustle bustle of the metro city life rarely give time to reflect myself and to worry about the missing pieces of life. Still whenever I am stuck in traffic, when I see overcrowded spaces, companies, towering buildings, I am reminded of my sweet hometown – a place of abundant peace and serenity. And I want to begin my journey of blogging with a tribute to my roots – THANJAVUR.

Located on the banks of river Cauvery, the city stands as a towering historical site. No doubt, history is etched in every grain of its soil as it had served as the proud capital of Cholas during the ancient times. The great patron of art,culture and architecture, themagnificent cholas , dedicated the stupendous architectural monument – “The Big Temple” to the world. The temple stands as a hallmark of the town till day and all the tanjorians will be forever grateful to the cholas for this humongous contribution. While the surrounding places had lost their identity to the fleeting time, the temple didn’t . Despite various natural calamities and adversities, the temple stands as bravely and royally today as it was before thousand years.

The green pastures, the agricultural lands, the vibrant culture and harmony of the town has made it a land of peace and tranquility. Thankfully, it has not been a victim of uncontrolled urbanisation and industrialisation and it is still “the rice bowl of Tamilnadu”. More could be added on to its greatness – the world renowned Saraswati Mahal library, the palace and much more. But the most lovable memory for me is the time that I spent alone in the Big temple. The peace of mind that one gets there is unparalleled. The slow evening breeze, the rustling of leaves, the swaying trees,the temple towers glittering in the light and the heart melting traditional music will wean away all the tensions and sorrows in life. Nothing could match it.

No matter how far we go, our hearts are always rooted in its abode. “East or west, home is the best” goes an old saying. Isn’t it relevant still today?

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